The Job Placement department at TEEM is committed to training and preparing our participants for long-term, successful employment. Securing full-time employment nearly cuts in half recidivism rates for individuals transitioning out of incarceration. We individually assess our participants’ skills, passions and goals and work to lay out a path to achieving those goals. TEEM’s ‘Ready For Work’ classes equip our participants with the tools and information necessary to successfully secure employment, including resume writing, interview coaching, job searching and dressing professionally. Our commitment to success goes beyond removing the barrier of joblessness. We strive to help our clients build confidence, live purposefully and put an end to the cycle of incarceration. Job Placement helps our clients move beyond the walls and stigma of their pasts and pave the road to self-sufficiency.



Individuals transitioning out of incarceration must not only overcome the physical walls keeping them from a successful life, but also the social stigma attached to their pasts. TEEM’s Job Placement department works to build relationships with businesses throughout Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas, giving our participants the chance to apply for their open positions. Individuals who complete TEEM’s Job Placement program have a proven work ethic and tangible skills to offer. Through strategic partnerships, we help our clients gain skills employers are looking for, such as forklift certification, commercial driver’s licenses and more.  Your organization can get involved by providing internship and employment opportunities to our participants, or volunteering your time as a guest speaker in our classes. If you would like more information on how your organization can be involved with job placement at TEEM, please contact Missy Brumley.

Benefits of Job Placement:

Ready for Work

  • Ready for Work’ is a six-week course that equips students with the necessary tools for successfully establishing a career. It provides a comprehensive framework for searching and securing a career. The course also focuses on appropriate workplace etiquette and how to prosper and thrive in a work environment. 
  • Upon completion of ‘Ready for Work’ students are equipped with the information, confidence and skills to be a valuable employee and self-sufficient citizen.

 Individual Support

  • Students have the option to receive a free haircut and access to our professional clothing closet.
  • Students have the appropriate identification to work.
  • Job Placement TEEM members are available for additional support and guidance during the application and interviewing process. 
  • TEEM assists clients with federal bonding. 

Post-Employment Follow-Up

  • TEEM utilizes a 18-month service model to insure participants are equipped with the necessary tools needed for self-sufficiency. Once enrolled participants graduate TEEM's program, they are eligible for 12-months worth of services.