Compassion's Song

ast week the students in our class had the opportunity to write a song or poem about compassion. Without further adieu, here are two that were written.


Compassion begins with empathy, and it grows with love.

The wiser you are the easier it gets.

You must be open-minded and lean on the Lord.

Lord knows I’m not a doctor, but I still need patience.

The rewards you will receive will be genuine and from the heart.

So, now is the time to start. Take the first step and open your heart.

- James


One morning when I first woke up,

On the wrong side of the bed.

I found myself in a mood so foul,

I could not rid it from my head.

I pretended not to feel so bad,

But be in a good mood anyway.

Then suddenly to my surprise,

My mood changed to good to stay.

Underneath a beautiful sun,

Walking later through the park.

I saw the face of a lost soul,

Whose good mood missed its mark.

I shook their hand and smiled at them,

with a face so bright and free from strife

I took a step so simple and free,

with a contagious smile I changed their life.