Value of Volunteering

I was reading a survey on Volunteerism in America, published by the Corporation for National Community Service and it made me wonder, what is the value of volunteerism.

The corporation estimates as of June 2010 that 33.6 percent of Oklahomans volunteer. Among large cities Oklahoma City ranked 5th in volunteering with the average volunteer serving 53 hours per capita.

With all those hours served it is difficult to imagine the value of the amount of service given. Volunteers provide so many services that cant be concretely defined. TEEM volunteers provide work in the kitchen and classrooms, give support financially, and lend their expertise and resources on numerous projects at TEEM.

To put it into perspective, according to 2008 numbers Oklahoma volunteers are were valued at 17.05 (This survey has not been updated since.) I logged 143 TEEM volunteer hours in the 13 business days of December. Im not great at math but the calculator said it adds to a value $2438.15. Wow. Thank You volunteers. But realize this number does not include our board members, those who have donated items, or those who help by spreading the word of TEEM. These are services given to us that would be almost impossible to track yet it benefits TEEM in endless ways.

Which leads me to my conclusion, THE VALUE OF VOLUNTEERISM IS PRICELESS.