As volunteer coordinator, it is my job to “sweet talk” people into helping others. But through my job I have found that the work truly is  its own reward. When you consider that by helping that one person  you have helped their children, you have encouraged their mate, you have inspired extended family and you have renewed friends. By touching that one life you have affected many.

At yesterday’s TEEM builder Luncheon, I realized that the investment we put into others is not wasted. I am inspired by the transformation of Robert Capps from user to a student planning to become to a drug counselor. I am inspired by Damon Isiaka, a former TEEM student whose currently a senior studying law at OCU. And finally I am inspired by the students I see everyday.

I urge you to come to a hand-up tour, because the impact of TEEM can only be seen and could never be explained in words.