A Poem for TEEM, by Leland White

We came to TEEM

To rebuild a Life

And to get a Dream


So we've listened to Mr. Moore

For advice in a tough job market,

But one day we'll drive a Porsche

And look for a place to park it.


Computers and Microsft are on their way in

And we'll need expert teaching,

But we'll also study life courses

And listen to some short preaching.


Where will we all go

When our 12 weeks expire?

Hopefully to a better life,

With plenty of offers to hire.


But regardless of where TEEM leads,

We'll take Valuable tools.

To help us live our lives,

And keep our heavenly father's rules!


*Leland White graduated from TEEM's Career Development Workshop on Friday, January 13. He continues to attend class at TEEM