Testimonial of the week: Michael Ford

Michael Ford grew up under the supervision of his older brothers. He acted out in class and got kicked out of high school during his junior year. Though he was only 17 at the time, he was allowed to come to TEEM. He was skeptical at first, but started listening in the Career Development Workshop, and began to see a turn for the better. He received his GED from TEEM, and continued taking classes here for some time. Following that, unfortunately, he fell back into his old habits. He was not working, homeless, and staying with family. He felt as though he was a burden to his family and ended up sleeping on the streets. When he found himself in this situation, it was then that he ran into TEEM’s administrative director, Michael Jackson, who helped him discover his options. He chose to visit his local Army recruiting office, and in January 2008, he joined the United States Military. He was an active duty member for 4 years and served in Iraq for one year. Now, Michael is attending Rose State University under the G. I. bill, and plans to continue his education at Boston University to study Criminal Law. Eventually, he wants to go to law school. He wants to clean up the streets and help others who may encounter the same challenges that have shaped his life. At TEEM, he learned that if you fall down, you must get back up.

“Never give up. Keep going with what you want to do.”