Testimonial of the week: Jerry Boone

Jerry Boone owned his own janitorial business, and it was rapidly growing and things seemed to be going well. So well, in fact, that he had to work both day and night shifts to keep his customers satisfied. In order to do this, he began taking Caffeine pills, which slowly tumbled out of control until one morning he awoke in a trash can with nothing more than the clothes on his back. He wandered for days trying to figure out who he was and how he had found himself there. He then ran into a man he had helped many years before who helped him in return by allowing him to stay at his home until Jerry figured things out. Through the grapevine he heard of a place called TEEM. He was surprised to find that when he came to TEEM, the staff treated him like a human being. He found a positive and delightful experience in the program at TEEM and learned valuable lessons of self-encouragement, discipline, and the will to never give up. TEEM taught him to skip the platitudes, emerge victorious, and take control of his future. Jerry is now the Director of Facilities and Maintenance at the First Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. He has worked there for 18 years, and is now attending college to study Business Science.


“As bad as it gets, there is always UP.”