Testimonial of the week: Jack Weller


Jack Weller worked in the restaurant business for 42 years and for that amount of time, he battled one form of addiction or another. His addictions got the best of him, and he lost his apartment, vehicle and job, and found himself at the City Rescue Mission. Of his viable options, he chose to come to TEEM because he felt it was more conducive to altering his life. It offered not only education, but employment and ministry. "All of the elements of TEEM tie together," he says. His first impression of TEEM was a common one. He thought he already knew who he was; that he was better than the elements around him, but during the Career Development Workshop he learned that we are all the same. No one is better than another. This excited him, and he was proud to share the realization that when you find out about yourself, you can rise above! He now knows his mission in life. He wants to give back to his community by becoming a social worker. He is enrolled and financially set to attend school at OCCC for 2 years, then plans to move on to OU. He hopes to tell people that what TEEM offers is abundant.   “We are the box,” he says. “What we think inside that box about the world, sometimes we need to think outside that box to realize our potential is there.”