In a student's words: Jeremy's Graduation Speech

TEEM has taught me 3 things: Be successful, look successful, and stay successful. At first, I didn't understand what I wanted to do with my life... kind of at a stand still at certain things: Love, friends, and money. Three things people tend to lose or can't keep. My experience with TEEM has given me more confidence, drive and the demeanor to excel in life. Everybody wants to play the part but doesn’t want to work for it. The skills I need in the workforce as much as life skills are very important in succeeding. Patience is key in certain situations, but if you have the resources and time, go for it!

Everyone has a choice, either be somebody or be someone. I want to be somebody. I want to take what I have and make it useful. I might be the smartest person in the world but I know one thing. TEEM will help me succeed.

Everyone wants to thrive at something. Some people don’t know what to thrive for. Happiness to some people is the simple things in life. How can one be simple and happy at the same time? People we surround ourselves with. If you knew better, you do better. Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Don’t let time pass you by. Not a second, minute, hour, day, month or year. I should have, could have or would have excelled at that but time wouldn’t let me. That’s not going to propel you to the heights you seek but the strain you don’t need. Patience is the key for everything we do. Things don’t happen overnight but gradually. If you believe in yourself and push a little harder, you will enjoy all benefits.  It’s better to have tried than to not have tried at all. Success wouldn’t be success without failure. If you’re dedicated and see bright things in your future, grasp it. Never let go and now destiny is in your own hands. Be unique and complex instead of wishing on a star. We’ve all been there.  “I wish“can change into “I will.” “I can’t” can turn into “I can.” “I don’t know” can turn into “I will learn.” Everyone has potential but something or someone has to expose it for us to see it.

My dedication to TEEM is to find my potential. TEEM has exposed me to new, simpler things you need to thrive. My goals intertwine with the system here at TEEM. The incredible staff has given me pointers and tips on how to be more determined on any task or subject. I will succeed because TEEM has given me the confidence I needed. A mirror shows a reflection of who you are; who you can become; who you are on a path to be. TEEM is that mirror. I don’t know where I would be if TEEM didn’t have an open-arms policy. Never think the worst, but dream the best. It can make you or break you. The road to success is getting clearer and clearer…. more near and more solidified. If I can make it here, I have already made it.