Testimonial of the week: Leo Luna

Somehow, somewhere, Leo’s spiritual nature was broken along the road of life, abused and left for dead. At birth, his parents entrusted him to a cult that would teach him untruths that he could not wholly embrace or accept. Somehow he made it from California to Oklahoma in the early 1990’s without any of his family or anyone who cared about him. He was taken in by a family in Oklahoma City, to which he still remains friends this day. He noticed TEEM banners that decorated the community at that time, and decided to give it a try. Upon his arrival, he learned that he had the spiritual need to be sober in order to be able to communicate with our source, and so he attended his first addictions meeting. Leo has now been sober for 12 years. When he came to TEEM, he found the offer of help and the belief that someone cares about him. He found pure and total acceptance and learned how to commit himself by making small but meaningful commitments. First, he committed to walking through the front door, which took a couple of tries. Once inside, he committed himself to completing the program and achieved his goal. TEEM gave him many abilities that he is only now discovering their purpose. Leo now works for the Chesapeake Arena Commissary and hopes to begin his own resource recovery business. He enjoys his life and continues to discover new purposes in everything he does.