Construction Trades Student Finds Continued Success Through TEEM

Jarred Jiminez was in a small town in Texas when he received a call from his ex-wife. She informed him that she was going to give him a second chance to get his life in order so that he could be a father to his 2 children. All Jarred wanted was to be with his family, so the next day Jarred packed his bags, came to Oklahoma City, and chose to stay at the City Rescue Mission. His conscious decision to stay there resulted in him choosing to participate in TEEM’s program, and in December 2011 he came through the Career Development Workshop. He knew he had to get back on track so that he could be a part of his children’s lives.  His first impression of TEEM was a common one. “This place is all talk.” But by the end of the week he knew that he was wrong, and he was actually on his way to getting back on track. After the holiday break, Jarred came back to TEEM with a positive attitude and the knowledge that if he was willing to help himself, he was going to be able to get a job and win his family back. When he came back, Jarred participated in TEEM’s new ‘Construction Trades’ class. As a result, Jarred now has a full time job with Smith & Pickel Construction Company, and is working at the Chesapeake site. He has even received a promotion and a raise, and is working his way to a leadership position. He now has a vehicle and not only does he see his children regularly, he lives with them and their mother. He is so happy to be a part of their life again. He tells other students who are just starting at TEEM to stick with it, put work into it, and TEEM will bend over backwards for you. To Jarred, the key was taking everything one step at a time.