It's My Time: GED Graduation 2013

TEEM's students are quick to describe John Derby, our GED instructor, as the "best teacher I've ever had!" Each year, we celebrate his hard work and our students who have passed the GED exam with a cap and gown graduation ceremony. This year, 22 TEEM students successfully completed the exam, and it was our privilege to honor them and their families on December 11!

Kelsie Brothers and Georgette Custard, two TEEM grads who used to say they "hated public speaking," delievered remarks on behalf of the class. To our graduates, earning a GED diploma is only the beginning. In Georgette's words, "I must continue to move forward, taking no steps back, regardless of what I may lack."

Former Gov. Brad Henry delievered an inspiring commencement address, charging our graduates to give back to the community that has invested so much in them. Governor Henry called TEEM's ceremony "the most important I've ever been a part of," and encouraged everyone in attendance to seek out at least one opportunity to serve others each day.

Our most sincere thanks to our graduates for refusing to let failure be an option, to their families for their support, and to Governor Henry for inspiring us all. Here's to you, TEEM Class of 2013! We are so proud.