Boil the Ocean! A Letter From Kris Steele

             April, 2013


Since joining the staff at TEEM nearly five months ago, I’ve learned several key lessons about life in the nonprofit world. For example, there is no such thing as a “normal” workday, a diverse skill-set comes in handy, flexibility is a key virtue, and it is imperative to define and implement a concise strategic vision for your organization.

This last lesson was driven home when a close friend implied TEEM’s existing mission statement may be too broad by challenging me to “boil the ocean” in the process of trying to fulfill our current purpose avowal given our identified service area and annual budget. He then encouraged me to clearly identify TEEM’s target population and implement evidence based practices aimed at producing the best possible results. 

My friend’s insightful directive spurred multiple internal discussions among board members and staff to determine how TEEM can reach its full potential in serving the greater Oklahoma City area. The reality is, TEEM specializes in providing comprehensive services to those impacted by the criminal justice system through education, social services and job placement. And, while we currently offer assistance to adults who are unemployed or underemployed, we are in the process of revamping our mission statement, program structure, budget portfolio and in-house tours to better reflect our niche in the community.

We may never “boil the ocean”, but through the incredible efforts of our competent staff and the generous support of people like you, TEEM will continue to make a tangible difference to those who need our services!



                Kris Steele

                Executive Director