Just an Intern, by Robin Tiger

I would like to tell you about David (*name changed to protect privacy). He was severely abused by his mother as a child, the one person he was totally dependent on for safety and security.  He grew up angry and mistrustful of all people and institutions. As a young man he went to prison. He got out after about 7 years. He was being counseled for anger management by DOC while still in prison. When he was released, he came to TEEM. Soon after, he got a temp job working for Edible Arrangements for the Velentine's holiday. He did so well, the company asked him to stay and at this time he is a fulltime employee of Edible Arrangements.

  The last time I got to see David he was talking to a student in the cafeteria. He was encouraging the other student, telling him “ you have to think positive, you have to keep your head up and you can make it! And best of all you have TEEM behind you so you can’t fail! Ain’t that right Mr. Tiger?” and of course I said yes. That is the last I have seen my student. He has brought me much joy knowing that we may not help everyone that comes to us, but those that we are here to see blossom, it is such a joy to see and know we empowered someone out there in this cold, harsh world to be a success. To stand on their own feet. To accomplish what we are here to do.

  I am glad everyday to get to come to TEEM. It has shown me there is a place where the rejected, the people thrown away by society and their own families, can come for help. I thank God for this chance.

Thank you, 

Just an Intern, Robin Tiger