TEEM Intern, Catherine Williams, Received Nadine J. Roach Memorial Award at OU!

Written by Rowland Edmunds, Lead Social Worker at TEEM:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that TEEM social work Intern Catherine Williams has been selected by The University of Oklahoma Ann and Henry Zarrow School of Social work to receive the Nadine J. Roach Memorial Award. This awa

rd is given to the most outstanding social work practicum student and presented by the school of social work faculty. I presented the award to Catherine at the School of Social Work Awards Ceremony on Saturday May 11th 2013.  Catherine has already been accepted into the Master’s program at OU. 

During her time at TEEM, Catherine has demonstrated the ability to integrate what she learned in the classroom to field experience -- this was reflected in  addressing the needs of her clients. From early in her internship Catherine displayed inherent social work skills, including a personable and easy manner in working with her clients. Catherine personifies what social workers are supposed to represent: She is motivated, caring, empathetic competent and most of all knowledgeable of social work values, theories and perspectives. As a practicum instructor, I have complete faith that Catherine will continue the TEEM legacy of quality social workers.  I have no doubt that Catherine will be successful in completing her education and becoming the consummate professional social worker.