The Day Aaron Cosar's Dreams Came True

TEEM helps our clients achieve their dreams every day, and on days like today, we even get to see the dreams of our staff come to fruition!

Aaron Cosar has impacted the lives of countless TEEM clients as an instructor in our life skills and construction trades classes. Sentenced to life in prison at age 19, Aaron swore that if he was ever released, he'd somehow use his experience to glorify God and help others reach their full potential. He used his time in prison to earn college credits, become certified in teaching classes under the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative, serve as assistant chaplain, lead by example as model prisoner and even be featured in the New York Times. For 25 years, Aaron worked to prove he deserved a second chance to have a positive impact on the world. 

Aaron's second chance came on June 24, 2009, when the Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry commuted his life sentence and signed his parole. He immediately got to work serving others and continued the ministries he began while in prison.

"I knew God had a purpose in giving me freedom," Aaron said. "I want to honor him and the man who gave me this chance."

Since his release, Aaron has said time and time again his life's goal was to shake the hand that signed his parole. Well, today, that goal was realized! Former Governor Brad Henry visited TEEM this afternoon, and surprised Aaron while he was teaching his life skills class. The saying goes that a picture is worth 1,000 words; so here are 2,000 to adequately capture the moment.


If you are anything like me, you hold tightly to the second chances you're willing to give. Today was proof that no grace given is ever wasted. Aaron, we are so blessed to have you on staff! Governor Henry, thank you for enabling this wonderful day!


Written by Anna Geary, Communications & PR Coordinator