Fear: Our Biggest Enemy

Stop and think for a moment. When was the last time you let fear, specifically fear of failing, stop you from accomplishing, or even beginning, something? It's a daily, often hourly, struggle - and it's one that paralyzes us in our current circumstances. Fear feeds the cycle of poverty on both ends. Individuals stuck in poverty fear failure in society, failure in the workplace, failure in the workplace and more; while individuals living above poverty level fear giving beyond their means, losing their comfort and taking a chance on someone who has a different background than theirs.


Boasting self-esteem and confidence, and in turn, overcoming fear, permeate everything TEEM does. Every Friday, we hold a graduation ceremony to celebrate new students who've completed our weeklong Career Development Workshop. For many, completing CDW is the first step in overcoming the fears that've inhibited their success in the past. Last Friday, Thomas Ross celebrated completion of CDW, and defeat of his fear of failure. Below is an original poem Thomas shared with his class and TEEM staff. We believe it captures the emotion and obstacles we help our clients overcome!


By Thomas Ross


How You doing?

This time I spotted you first,

Thought you'd just creep up again and cause my bubble to burst,

You must think very little of me to think I'd continue accepting the hurt,

Or maybe you thought if I stayed down long enough I'd get comfortable at my worst.

Just lay down and let nature run its course

And give up before I start just in case I can't finish the work

Or stop trying altogether and drop my head in the dirt

Or maybe you thought I'd be gald to see you, and open my arms

Like an old friend to receive you.

But not this time -

I refuse to amuse you!


I won't fail.

And, with that,

I diffuse you! 


Congratulations, Thomas! We believe in you, and are privileged to walk beside you each step of the way!