Kris Steele on KGOU

He calls himself a "recovering politician," but TEEM's Executive Director Kris Steele still weighs in on affairs in the state of Oklahoma when asked. Recently, he joined KGOU's Kurt Gwartney and former Oklahoma Senate minority leader Andrew Rice for a conversation about Oklahoma's poltical climate. Rice is now Executive Director of Variety Care, a valuable TEEM partner. As nonprofit leaders, both men brought a unique perspective to the discussion of the social and political issues Oklahoma currently faces.

In regards to the importance of political discussion, Kris says, “I think that our system of government is a good system of government, is the best system of government, but we ought to be able to have intelligent, civil discussions about what is right, and what is best, and what is wrong, and what is good when it comes to the people of Oklahoma and not get caught up in party ideology."

To listen to the broadcast in its entirety, visit KGOU's website