Stepping Into a New Beginning!

Chris Lowater joined TEEM on August 8th when he enrolled in classes through a partnership with Clara Waters Community Corrections Center (CWCC). From the beginning, this bright-eyed, energetic young man demonstrated an optimistic outlook about his future and strong commitment to work. While at TEEM, Chris made two requests: help with fixing his prosthesis and assistance in getting a pair of shoes. When you interact with Chris, you never notice he has an artificial limb, especially one that was broken. Yet, when it was discovered Chris had utilized duct tape to try to remedy the broken prosthesis, staff notified the warden of his predicament and a permanent solution was achieved. A big thank you is in order to the personnel at CWCC for addressing this situation in a timely and effective manner!

Chris’ second need was met when he obtained a new pair of shoes upon his return home. Days earlier, the unexpected but welcome summer rains caused Chris’s weather-worn shoes to fall apart. Noting his dilemma, TEEM determined to purchase shoes for Chris at the time he transitioned to the community. On a post-release shopping trip, Chris selected a pair of black sneakers to match his new work uniform. In the short-term, Chris intends to complete his GED while working, and ultimately pursue training and a career in aeronautical mechanics. Thanks to the generosity of TEEM’s supporters and community partners, Chris is able to step into a new beginning and pursue his goals on solid footing!