TEEM’s Staff Tips The Scales with 30-Day Diet Challenge


TEEM’s staff is promoting clean and healthy lifestyles through a new 30-day challenge. Annually, TEEM encourages the community to participate in a summer hygiene drive to promote the fundamentals of healthy and hygienic living. To coincide with this year’s drive, staff members chose to take on an additional challenge of eating clean for an entire month.

“We truly believe in leading by example at TEEM,” said Mentor Coordinator Jenna McCullock. “This 30 day challenge not only helps connect staff members to a positive office project, but it also helps us appropriately engage with our participants and teach the benefits of clean and healthy living.”

For 30 days, participating staff members have agreed to only eat from an approved list of foods including: meats, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and other natural foods. Diary, grains, wheat, carbohydrates, and sugar are not allowed. The strict programming comes with its challenges.

“This is more than just a diet regiment, it’s a complete lifestyle change,” Case Manager Dominique Williams said. “Our participants inspire us daily and remind us to consciously give to our mission. Our summer drive is all about clean living. We wanted to take it a step further!”

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