Oklahoma's Mentor Day



In October 2013, TEEM set out to offer a one-on-one mentoring program to participants. The program seeks to connect individuals impacted by incarceration with friends and accountability partners in the community. The program is TEEM’s leading volunteer opportunity with over 200 community members lending their support.

Will Schwab was one of the first volunteers to participate in the mentoring program. He has consistently offered his time, expertise, and friendship to his mentees. On January 17, 2017, Will was honored by the state for his hard work and dedication to strengthening Oklahoma communities through mentoring.

The Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence and the David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative sponsor Oklahoma’s Mentor Day. The goal of Mentor Day is to recognize exceptional mentors from various organizations around the state. The day is used to also raise awareness of the positive impact that mentoring has on individuals and the community.

“Will is the perfect candidate for Oklahoma’s Mentor Day,” Mentor Coordinator Jenna McCullock said. “Will has been part of our mentor program since its inception. Through casual conversations, Will has offered his knowledge, insight, and wisdom to a number of TEEM participants. He helps them find the courage to live their best lives. Thank you, Will!”

For more information on TEEM’s mentor program, please visit teem.org/mentor.