Urban Farmhouse: Reclaiming Lives Through Reclaimed Wood

What’s hiding in this old building? That’s probably one of the first questions you’ll ask upon arriving at Urban Farmhouse. Just beyond the beautifully crafted barn doors is one of Oklahoma’s leading furniture stores. Like the individuals that work at the location, the pieces at Urban Farmhouse have a story to tell.

The furniture retailer recently hired program participant Dominick Campos. Dominick started TEEM’s reentry program in December 2016. He quickly excelled in his coursework and found employment with Urban Farmhouse after graduating TEEM. It was the perfect fit for Dominick. Prior to his incarceration, Dominick worked alongside his brother in the reclaimed lumber industry. His imprisonment has been especially hard on his sibling. They ran a successful business together and utilized the revenue generated from the operation to care for their mother.

Urban Farmhouse is dedicated to offering second chances to individuals like Dominick. The furniture store makes their signature pieces from reclaimed wood. Their mission is to offer a second chance to not only reclaimed wood, but also reclaimed community members.

“Employment is a crucial component in helping our participants find success upon their release,” Dominick’s Case Manager Courtnie Chaney said. “It’s truly a rewarding experience when you can help an individual not only find a job, but an occupation that meets their interests and serves as a stepping stone towards their future.”

Visit Urban Farmhouse and see TEEM’s vision in action. Say hi to Dominick while you’re there—he’ll be the big guy with the huge smile.