Seize the Day!

It’s graduation time at TEEM! On June 25th, a joint graduation ceremony for both our Culinary Arts and Construction Trade Training programs took place to recognize, celebrate and showcase our participants’ dedication to create a better life for themselves and their families. After weeks of hard work, graduates are ready to secure employment and use their education and experience to launch new career paths.

 At the ceremony, culinary students used their training to create delicious appetizers such as jalapeno poppers, pinwheels, crab rangoon, and fried pickles to demonstrate their new skills for their family and friends.

Two of the participants shared heartfelt testimonials about their experiences at TEEM. Words of encouragement for the graduates were offered from our partners at Career Technologies, Metro Technologies, It’s My Community Initiative and the Department of Corrections. 

It was such a wonderful event! A total of 15 participants graduated and, we could not be more proud of them. We can’t wait to see what their futures hold!